Sunday, October 29, 2017

K S Jaffrey on Sleep

A member has asked a question regarding sleep and an inability to conform to its basic functions. Here is an excerpt from a fine article by Mr Jaffrey - written in 1984.
"We must first accept the postulate that insomnia, nightmare and somnambulism are symptoms of disease. They are outward reflections of something wrong within. Anything which interferes with the normal natural biological functions of the human body must be classed as potential causes of disease. Heeding the old cliche "Anything, can cause anything" we search for any chemical, mechanical or mental factors which can enervate any part of the organism, obstruct the free flow of nerve force, blood and lymph or cause an impairment of the composition of the blood and tissues.
These factors may be physical trauma, strains, stresses, fixations or, malpositioning of any part of the body structure.
The osteopath may find structural lesions, while the chiropractor may find what he calls subluxations of bony joints.
On the other hand the factors we are looking for may be chemical in origin. They may be poisons in the environment carried by air, water or soil. They may be unsuitable, over-refined, adulterated, artificially coloured, flavoured or preservatized foods.
Chemical factors may also be derived from over-eating, eating too often, eating too quickly, insufficient mastication or eating when mentally disturbed.
Other factors may be purely mental in origin such as negative, pessimistic or destructive thoughts, fear, worry, jealousy and many other harmful mental states.
These unfavourable factors may cause the organism to go into a state of stress, spasm or inactivity thus leading to enervation.
Any or all of these adverse factors can lead to a depletion of nerve-force in various parts of the body. Combinations of adverse factors can lead to stresses on specific areas of the brain and these can lead to aberrations of the sleep pattern.
We in the natural healing profession like to see sleep as a normal circadian rhythm which is derived from a need for regular periods of rest and relaxation.
Sleep provides the most perfect form of relaxation known. No other process can provide the perfect relaxation of the body tissues which naturally occurs during normal sleep. No other process provides such perfect unconsciousness without the side effects caused by anaesthetic drugs. No other process allows the whole organism to detoxicate itself so efficiently.
In conclusion we assert that sleep is a perfectly natural and normal circadian rhythm which provides regular relaxation, unconsciousness, detoxication of body tissues and conservation of energy."

-From Kevin Hinton's FB Post

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