Sunday, October 29, 2017


If by some misfortune, ignorance or innocence the acute illness or healing effort of the body has been in some way suppressed and the disease has become chronic it is then necessary to ensure that there is retrogression.
When retrogression takes place the chronic disease changes into an acute disease again.
When the acute disease is present this allows us to avail ourselves of the self-healing power of the body. 
If the acute disease is treated correctly the sick organism will be restored to normal health again.
This same principle applies also to the so-called destructive diseases. A destructive disease can be caused to retrogress and become a chronic disease, which in turn can become an acute disease.
The only rational treatment for any acute disease is the Fast. Providing the causes of the disease have been removed, the environment is congenial, and there are no contra-indications, the patient suffering from an acute disease should be put to bed and fasted. Full instructions for conducting a fast will be found in any good book on fasting.
If we understand the difference an acute disease and a chronic disease, and if we understand the difference between Cure and Suppression we will be able to avoid making mistakes.
We will be able to avoid all the useless treatments which are masquerading under the title of “natural therapies” and be in a position to know which treatments are natural and beneficial and those treatments which are unnatural and useless under the circumstances.

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